3 Business Mogul Moves You Can Jack to Get Ahead

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[AdSense-A]Since you’re reading this, there’s a real good chance you’re not an obscenely wealthy, ultra-successful businessman/woman. But that doesn’t mean you can’t act like one! Business moguls became who they are because of certain techniques and philosophies, ones you can use to get ahead in your everyday life.

Next time you’re wondering how to succeed in the world, pay heed to the following nuggets of wisdom, as endorsed by the business giants who follow them every day.

Live Modestly, Even If You Can Afford Not To (Like Mark Zuckerberg)

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and owner of Facebook, is worth at least $19 billion thanks to his literally world-changing idea. He could afford just about anything and any lifestyle on the planet. And yet he chooses to live modestly, aware that money is fleeting and could disappear at any time. His two cars probably cost less than yours, and his home, while certainly lavish compared to say, yours, is a shack compared to what the Gisele Bundchens of the world live in.

While you might not be worth THAT much money, it’s always important to remember that just because you can technically afford to live large, doesn’t mean you should. Money comes and goes, and if you don’t have anything saved up, your later years may well be a huge struggle. Even somebody with more money than the US Mint knows this, so why shouldn’t you?

Love What You Do, and Do It as Often as Possible (Like Warren Buffet)

Warren Buffet is a ridiculously successful business mogul who specializes in investment, though that doesn’t mean you have to be in order to be as successful as him. Why? Because in his own words, success has nothing to do with money. It’s about doing what you love, doing it well, and doing it often.

According to Buffet, “your standard of living is not equal to your cost of living.” If he were only moderately wealthy, he would still be happy because he understands and enjoys investing. That makes him a success, just as it can make you one. He who has the most toys doesn’t win. He who plays with his toys the most while grinning like a fool the entire time is the real winner.
Never Stop Working Harder Than Those Below You (Like Vince McMahon)

Vince McMahon, the owner and former World Champion of WWE (hey, when you own a scripted sports league, you can do that) is a tireless hands-on worker, even though he’s in charge and doesn’t have to be. McMahon refuses to make anybody do something that he himself would not do, up to and including 70-80 hour work weeks, and his billionaire status is the result.

Too many people think that once they obtain some success, they can take their foot off the pedal and relax a tad. Not so; as someone like McMahon proves, prolonged success can only come from continual hard work and dedication. Never assume you’ve finally reached the imaginary peak of your theoretical career mountain. If you ever stop climbing, you just may fall back to Earth.


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