3 Startups You Should’ve Thought of First

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[AdSense-A]The idea of starting up your own business is a nice one, but one most of us don’t act upon. After all, what if you fail? Then you’ve invested all of your time and money into something that ultimately went nowhere, and have to find the quickest route out of BrokeassVille as humanly possible.

Besides, there are only so many good ideas out there, and it seems like they’ve all been claimed. Honestly, does the world really NEED another small-time donut shop? As tasty as donuts are, we’d venture to say “no.” So why bother?

Well, some people did bother. And they succeeded while doing so. Rather than sit around and concoct some epic, grandiose vision of their theoretical dream company, these guys found a niche that could be filled in just about the simplest way possible. And now we’re kicking ourselves because we didn’t think of it first. As should you all.
Apartment List

Craigslist blows, especially when you’re looking for a place to live. It seems like 80% of what gets posted there are just a bunch of scams. “You mean, all I have to do is mail you a check for $1000 and you send me the key to this apartment I don’t get to even tour first? Sign me the hell up!”

Well, Apartment List to the rescue! Its founders recognized the public’s clamoring for an easy-to-use aggregate site that would list all the apartments available for rent in just about any zip code in the country, but without the disorganized chaos that Craigslist invites. All the houses are real, the information is as accurate as can be, and you don’t need to access a new website for every city you’re researching.

Apartment List doesn’t do anything new, it just does everything better.

Radio’s great, except for the part where we have little control over what we hear. Aside from somehow making it on the air to request one song, you’re pretty much at mercy of the station DJ until you flip the dial to something else. But then you’re at the mercy of THAT DJ! Will the cycle ever be unbroken?

Yes. The little musical startup called Pandora quickly transformed into an uber-popular powerhouse, based on the simplest of human desires – control. Pandora allows its listeners to customize their radio station by liking certain artists; the computer than adds similar artists to the playlist, creating a playlist comprised entirely of stuff you like, not some DJ.

And in the off chance that Pandora screws up and adds a song you hate? Simply dislike it, and you’ll never hear it again. If you wanted that kind of power with regular radio, you’d have to buy the station and delete the offending artist from its playlist. If you have that kind of money, by all means buy away. For the rest of us, Pandora’s a godsend.

If you’re carless for a spell, or stuck in a city without reliable transportation, you’ve probably thought it would be great if somebody would start up a service where you could simply order up a ride and get it quick as can be. After all, the alternatives are either expensive (taxis) or potentially deadly (hitchhiking. Also, taxis.)

Lyft is that service you’ve been dreaming about and are now pissed you didn’t act upon. Download the app, and for a small fee, you can order a ride. A car bearing the company’s trademark fuzzy pink mustache will come to you and take you where you want to go. It’s a hell of a lot easier than hailing a cab, and a hell of a lot more sanitary than talking the bus.

In addition, anyone with a clean driving and criminal record can sign up to be a Lyft driver. It’s a fun and easy way to make a little extra cash, plus you get to stick a big pink mustache on your car’s bumper. We don’t care how tough or manly you think you are – your life will always be better with a big pink mustache somewhere in it.


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