4 Fast and Fun Ways to Build Your Biceps

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[AdSense-A]We all want hard, sexy biceps, right? Maybe they don’t have to be gigantic, rippling boulders that would put Mr. Universe to shame, but a nice chunk of muscle or two would go a long way to improving both your health and your luck with the ladies.

But how do you do it effectively, and quickly? Living at the gym and lifting non-stop might work, except not everyone likes doing that. In fact, many find it boring as hell to walk into some sterile room without anything good on TV, pick up heavy pieces of metal, put them down, and repeat ad nauseum (or until you’re nauseous, whichever comes first.)

Luckily, bicep development is not limited to mere lifting and curling. There are other, more interesting ways to get bigger, stronger arms, and fast. Find your favorite and work the hell out of it!



We know, we know. Yoga’s for girls, right? WRONG. For one thing, who says you have to listen to Enya or whoever else is commonly associated with yoga? Put on whatever music you like and get to posing!

In addition, a good yoga routine, with positions focusing mainly on the upper body, can very quickly tone one’s arms, and even build muscle. After all, it takes strength to keep yourself in position, and your body will likely adapt to the need for extra power quite fast. Positions such as the Downward Dog (face down, ass REALLY up) and the Chaturanga (a pushup where you stay up and don’t go down until time’s up) are best if your main goal is well-built pythons.



Chances are, when you go swimming, it’s during a relaxing at the beach. You just kinda lounge in the water and hope a wave comes crashing in and removes a top or two.

And that’s fine on your day off, but if you want to get good, strong biceps fast, you should take the water way more seriously. Find a lap pool at your local gym or community center (that way you don’t piss off all the professional Marco Polo players with your intrusive exercising), and start swimming laps. The water resistance you’ll need to power through to keep going will burn fat and increase strength almost immediately.

Alternate your strokes – breast, butterfly, back, etc. – so your muscles don’t get bored and lazy, and you’ll start to notice a toner, more muscular you in no time flat. You won’t need some stinkin’ wave to remove tops for you anymore!



Back to the water we go. Yes, there are rowing machines in the gym, but actual rowing is way more fun, not to mention more effective.

There’s admittedly a slight learning curve upon picking up an oar for the first time, as you need to master proper rowing technique if you want your body (especially your arms) to develop properly. But once you master the four main steps of rowing (the catch, where you place the oar in the water; drive, where you push forward with your legs; the pull, where you reach back with your shoulders and push the oar forward and out of the water; and recovery, where you rotate the oar back into the water and begin the process all over again), you’ll begin to feel results all over. Your biceps will rapidly improve, and so will your triceps, back, stomach, butt, legs, and general well-being.



Mixed Martial Arts has clearly overtaken boxing as the world’s favorite combat sport, but that doesn’t meantraining to box isn’t a great idea to help build your body. Even if you never actually step into the ring and risk getting your teeth knocked out, simply learning to punch, and doing so repeatedly on both speed and heavy bags, will strengthen your biceps real fast.

In addition, jumping rope like an actual boxer is an AMAZING way to quickly get great-looking arms. Not only does the act build up your biceps (it actually takes a lot of strength to manipulate a rope hundreds of times in a row), but it also burns fat, which will help your muscles stand out even more. Belting out schoolgirl skipping rope rhymes is completely optional, though highly encouraged.


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