U-Shaped Automatic Toothbrush

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Do you also feel that brushing is a task? Especially in the evening when you are tired and can’t wait to hit the bed?

Taking care of your oral health is an absolute essential for your personal hygiene.

No matter how properly you brush and floss your teeth using a regular toothbrush, there are chances that your mouth isn’t being completely cleaned.

Now get cleaner, healthier and whiter teeth without spending a fortune on Dentist visits.
This automatic U shaped toothbrush, provides a complete 360-degree deep clean to your teeth and gums in seconds, effortlessly!

You can choose from 4 different modes, as per your requirement. Simply fill with toothpaste, bite down, press start, wait for 45 seconds. Done. Sparkling clean teeth at the push of a button!


  • 360° Cleaning: Never miss a spot again. Its ultra-soft bristles provide an exceptional 360° cleaning experience and clean efficiently between your teeth and gums, unlike your traditional brushes. The ultrasound eliminates germs and bacteria, providing unmatched oral care.
  • Innovative Design: Features detachable silicon mouthguard to provide a perfect fit for all. Adopting the Bass Technique, the silicone bristles are designed in a 45° angle against your gingival cuff for a professional like oral cleaning at the comfort of your home.
  • 4 different Modes: This brush features one-button control and offers 4 modes, Soft cleaning mode, Strong cleaning mode, Massage gum mode, Whitening mode to suit different conditions of teeth and gums. Removes more plague than traditional toothbrushes and provides overall care while being both time and cost efficient.
  • Teeth Whitening:  Now you can get whiter teeth without burning a hole in your pockets! Select WHITENING MODE for cold light whitening and use it daily for 15 minutes for sparkling white teeth.
  • Wireless Charging: It comes with a USB charging dock for your ultimate ease and comfort. Simple place it on the dock for 90 minutes and enjoy hassle-free cleaning for days. The USB interface, allows you to charge it using any power bank which makes it perfect for both home and travel. When not charging, the dock works as a stylish holder.

Shipping time: 12-18 days