5 Terrible Places for a First Date

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[AdSense-A]OK, it’s time for your first date with a lovely lady, which always begs the question, “where should I take her?” Obviously, the “right” answer can vary based on a ton of factors — what’s she like, how well do you know her interests, how often to frisky business she appears to be — but the wrong answers are nigh-universal. If you ever want to see Date #2, steer clear of the following first date ideas…


An Expensive Restaurant

Going out to eat on a first date is not at all a bad idea — regardless of your cooking skills, she probably doesn’t yet trust you enough to entertain the idea of going back to your place for lasagna. So take her out to eat so she’ll feel safe, and work on earning that coveted bit of trust.

And then take her home and lose every last bit of it.

But don’t try wooing her with the most expensive place in town. Remember, this is your FIRST DATE. Dropping $100 on your initial night out is going to send the wrong message: namely, that you’re desperate for love and attention, and will do anything at any cost to get it. Also, you’re bad with money.






Fast Food Joint

On the opposite end of the spectrum, don’t cheap pout and take your date to McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, or any other place where you stand in line to order almost-food that has been featured on aDateline NBC expose about the worst possible things to put in your mouth. The message you send will be different, but still bad: you don’t actually care about this date, and think so little of the girl you’re with that you actually consider a Big Mac acceptable date food.

Also, you’re bad with money. Again.


A Playground

Despite what cutesy romantic comedies will tell you, few girls are going to have a good time if you take her to a children’s playground on your date. Yes, she probably does like to have fun (it even says so on her online profile, which suggests she thinks fun-liking is a unique trait only special people possess), but not thiskind of fun. Unless you’re dating a nine-year-old, take her somewhere that mature adults like to go to. That way, you’re chances of engaging in mature adult fun down the line will increase exponentially.

Oh, and if you ARE dating a nine-year-old, run away NOW. The cops know where you live, and are hot on your trail. Sicko.










Strip Club

While the idea of taking your date to a strip joint might sound hot, chances are very good that it’ll end your night fast, and with crashing failure. After all, what are you telling her by doing this? That it’s all about sex with you, and you view this date as little more than a step-by-step process to getting her so hot and bothered she’ll practically demand you spend the night at her place. Blatant manipulation like that is a quicker route to not getting any than accidentally running over her dog.

Besides, what if she decides to jump on stage and do a little dance herself, leading to tons of tips and possibly a date request from a big guy far richer and more charming than you? There’s only one loser in such a scenario and unfortunately, it’s you.


The Dangerous Part of Town

It’s a cliche for a girl to say they enjoy long walks on the beach. But the thing is, many do. What they DON’T like though, is a long walk down a far seedier path. Like the dangerous back alleys of your city. If you’re going to suggest a stroll through the city (which is perfectly acceptable), make sure you stick to the well-lit, well-populated areas where typical nights end with nobody ending up mugged or dead.

If your ultimate goal is to get her alone, there are far better ways to do so than lead her into an abandoned warehouse district where the Bloods are rumored to hang. If you do that, then chances are you’ll end up alone all right, but without her anywhere near you.


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