One Rock-Solid Way to Get Women to Want You More

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[AdSense-A]It’s not easy to win over women. After all, they hold the winning cards. If they don’t want to go home with you, it’s not happening, end of story. Meanwhile, if they DO want to go home with you, THEY’LL let you know. As much as we guys like to think we’re the ones in control here, we’re actually at the mercy of a lady’s sexual whims.

And most of the tired ways we try to convince them that we’re worth the loss of her pants are just awful and rarely work. Pick-up lines? Even the most naive of college freshmen don’t fall for those stupid things anymore. Begging? Pleading? How pathetic (unless the begging and pleading are part of a bedroom game later on, but that’s another tale entirely.) Macho posturing? Please – no matter what Hollywood tells you, most women not only don’t care about big macho toughness, they’re actively turned off by it.

There’s a very good reason crap like this only exists as a cartoon.

So what to do then? Simple: nothing.

Yep, don’t do a damn thing that makes it clear to the woman that you want sex. The less you suggest you want it, the more she will want to give it to you.

That doesn’t sound like it makes sense, right? After all, how is she supposed to know if you’re interested if you don’t come right out and SAY it, right? Well, give her a little more credit than that. You’re a single guy, she’s a hot girl. Even though she may not say it, deep down she knows full well you want to bone her. So, without you even doing anything, she already has that assumption in her head. Why reinforce it with any of the terrible methods we rejected above?

Now, this is not to suggest that you act like a cold, distant asshole to her. This ain’t high school, and we’re not playing hard-to-get here. No, your job here is to be the perfect gentleman. Be charming. Be suave. Pay attention to what she says. Listen to her. Respond with interesting conversation of your own. Ask her questions about herself.

You might recognize all of this by its common name: Being a Decent F#%&*%# Person.

And it works. Women deal with douchebros and jackasses all day long. They deal with catcalls and blatant innuendo all day as well. Imagine what a relief it must be for her to finally hang with a guy who isn’t throwing that crap at her, but is instead treating her like a human being!

So perhaps you’re wondering, “OK, so when do we start getting all romantic and stuff? Because all you’re doing is describing friendship.” Again, the answer is simple – when she wants to. This is a dance, and you let her lead. This is an improv game, and you let her set up the scenario. Whatever your favorite metaphor is, the point is to let her dictate the pace of the conversation. Once she starts flirting, you do the same. But don’t overdo it – all your hard work will be undone if the second she giggles, touches your hand, and says “y’know, you’re pretty cool,” you respond with “AW YEAH, SPREAD ‘EM BABY!” Keep the pace consistent, respond with a basic bit of flirtation back, and things should gradually escalate from there.

As she starts to heat things up, then you do the same. THIS is the time to let your sexy side out, for if you don’t, then perhaps she’ll conclude you really do just want to be friends. But if you play your hand right, and project just the right amount of sexual interest at the right time, then after an evening of being an awesome guy who cares about her and not just her body, you will get that body all to yourself.

You’re welcome.

Now, doesn’t that sound easier and more fun than rearranging the alphabet to put U and I together? We thought so.


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